Researcher and writer of more than 100 articles on drones , Adriana Guedini has been working since 2015 in the field coinjoin of air flight equipment. She has also interviewed numerous professionals from companies in this area, being invited, in 2017, to be a member of the Advisory Board of one of the largest drone fairs in Latin America, DroneShow, as well as to participate in the Drone Business Forum, at times important as debates on challenges and potentials of action with technology.

Based on his intense experience in the commercialization of drones and in the creation of structures for professional solutions, today Gedini adds to his portfolio, the service of the main consumers of drones in the country.

Adriana Guedini also has many practical experiences to be shared with supporters and professionals in the field of drones and technology. Because of this, the contents here of the blog Super Soluções Tecnológicas follow a single line that interests both professionals in the field and beginners, who overflow teachings about the universe of aerial devices.

This is a space for sharing knowledge, in which the author will share in-depth notions about the market for devices aimed at air flights, applications, technological advances and results obtained with the use of drones in small or large-scale projects.

Welcome to the Super Technological Solutions Blog.

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